Copper Line Fashion Masks


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Copper Line Fashion Masks
Copper Line Fashion Masks
Copper Line Fashion Masks
Copper Line Fashion Masks

Copper Line Fashion Masks

Whether you are looking for mask to protect you from dust or micro pollutants, this Copper Line fashionable protective mask is definitely the best choice for you.

Size: Regular adult L 7.8″x 5.5″

Equipped with Free filters: 3 Built in layers + 3 bonus filter layers.

6 layers to provide the protection you need.

Made with patented, high-tech copper material

Washable and reusable. You can wash it for 30 times

The washable and anti-bacterial Copper Mask is a functional mask containing copper nano particles. Lukewarm water at or below 30°C With a neutral detergent is advised for washing.

**filters are not washable. Do not wash the PM 2.5 filter. 

Size available : L  – regular adult. 

Proven to block 92% of 0.3 micron sized particles.

Based on results from worldwide filter manufacturer Welcron. Proven to block 92.1% of 0.3 micro sized particles KF80 : reports that at least 80% of 0.6 micron sized particles are blocked. KF94 : reports that at least 94% of 0.4 micron sized particles are blocked .

While Copper Mask can be worn on its own usually, on days with high concentrations of dust, attach the filter to mask and use both at the same time

Antibacterial mask, disposable filter and disposable tape are prepared.

As a nose pad is placed at the top of the antibacterial mask, a disposable filter can be inserted beneath the nose pad.

If you desire greater adhesion, apply the included double-sided tape and continue to use the product (Use of the double-sided tape is optional)

However, please be advised to gently apply the double-sided tape as some stickiness may remain.

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